One Year Blogaversary


It’s not actually my one year blogaversary today.

But it IS my one year and two-ish week blogaversary today, so there.

The reason for me not posting about my blogaversary ON my blogaversary (auto-correct is so mad at me right now. Unfortunately for it, I actually want to spell ‘blogaversary’ not ‘loganberry’.) is because I completely forgot and am too ignorant to check my WordPress Reader thingie decided to save the awesomeness for another two-ish weeks to keep you guys excited.



I’m sorry, ok?! I guess the notification just got lost in the sea of emails all my beloved fans send me.

Image result for flynn wink disney gif

So to mark today’s special occasion, I shall reveal all my accomplishments  from this year:









  1. This morning, I discovered I could touch my toes.

Impressive, you say? But wait – THAT’S NOT ALL.

  1. This morning, I discovered I could touch my toes…while standing up!
  2. Also this morning, I was able to successfully distract my 4 year old sister from watching My Little Pony on Netflix with my delightfully, fascinatingly, captivatingly wonderful tale of a purple ladybug named Sparkle Glitter Unicorn who grew a mermaid tail and lived in beautiful meadow. Yes, I know. Hold in your jealously, please. I’m sure when I become famous, I can tell it to you, too.

Man, I’m so proud. There has to be an award for this or something, right? Most Accomplished Teen in the World?

This seems about right – “Greatest Achievements by Teenagers.”

It’s Wikipedia, so it must be trustworthy.


Okay, here we go:

At age 14, Mozart wrote his first opera.

At age 14, Charles Schulz began his cartoon strip titled Peanuts.

At age 15, Jack Andraka discovered a method to detect pancreatic cancer.

At age 16, Taylor Swift released her first studio album (which I’m sure some of you *wink wink* already knew base on your extreme love of her, haha).


Pft. Yeah. That award is mine.

In all seriousness (rare, I know, so savor it while you can), I accomplished quite a lot this year. I got my first starring role just recently, as I said last post, and our first matinee was yesterday. I haven’t fallen off the stage yet, too, which is a bonus. *suddenly falls off random stage that randomly appeared randomly*

I also achieved straight A’s all year (yussssss), won a statewide singing competition, and came second in a national one.

I honestly don’t need ribbons and 4.0 grade averages and stuff, but it’s nice to receive acknowledgment of your accomplishments sometimes, you know?


From my first day of posting ’til about a month-ish ago, I was pushing through a school year that was stuffed with more drama than an episode of Sofia the First. And those things get dramatic – trust me, I would know. But I finally finished the grade at least and I’m free for like another month. (But all these ‘back-to-school’ ads are driving me nuts. Like, can I go an HOUR without having to dive into the kitchen and hide from the TV which is broadcasting the latest backpack sale starring a group of happy-go-lucky kids skipping off to school? Spare me, please.)

Sometimes it all just feels never ending, you know? No matter how old you get, how certain you are you’ve escaped it, it’s always there.



Drama, I mean, not backpack ads or Sofia the First. I wouldn’t survive very long if Sofia were never ending.

Image result for sofia the first scared gif

Speaking of things being never ending, at her pre-school, my sister learned how to play SlapJack. You know, the card game that just goes


Haha! See, it ties in with my blog title! I TOLD you my Don’t Stop Believin’-based title wasn’t something I just randomly felt like referencing a year and two-ish weeks ago when I was wracking my brain for a blog name and therefore forever marks my complete an utter originality and creativity.

Pft. Why would you ever think that?

Image result for nervous disney gif

They’ve caught on. Run, Amalee, run.

Anyways, I woke up this morning to my sister throwing a deck of cards at my face and yelling at me to play SlapJack with her. So we did, for about half an hour before I threw a pillow at her and ran downstairs.

This is what I call the ‘Distract and Run’. It is one of my many useful tactics used in the art of babysitting.


Sorry, this was so short, but it was just a bit of a life-update while I try to think of things to write about.

Ok so yeah.

Image result for k bye


I have got to think of a better sign-off. Help. Heeeeeeeeelp.

Liebster Award


I am really surprised that ‘firstly’ is a word.





Now I’m going to stop with the caps lock cuz my eyeballs are in pain.

I know you guys spend all your waking, breathing moments waiting for this originally titled, absolutely fantastic blog to update (*continues speech to said imaginary friends*).

So I’m so sorry it’s been taking me so long to finally post, and I know that this is hardly an excuse, but I’ve been pretty busy these last…

*checks time stamp of last post* *whips out handy-dandy calculator*

…like, 8 months…or something.

But then


*dramatic gasp*


why is this picture so humongous. why can’t I make it smaller. help. heeeeelp.

Thank you so much Kerys for nominating me for this tag! Her blog is called The Everlasting Library, so if you want to see the absolute awesomeness of her blog and her answers for this award, you can check her out here – you won’t regret it!

(The links are everywhere. You can run but you cannot hide. Trust me. My sister has trained me in the masterful art of Hide ‘n Seek. FEAR ME.)

Thanks again for all those who have supported me through my hiatis hyatus hooyaytoos hiatus. I really appreciate all the love, encouragement, and Shawn Mendes 2019 Tour front-row seating and backstage passes you have graciously given me.

I mean, we’re still working on that last one, but that’s okay. We’re getting there.


Image result for aw disney gif

And also thanks for sitting (standing?) (levitating?) through this super long intro.


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‘Keeper’ Review


Sorry. I feel very Heading 1-y today.


Today I’ll be reviewing a book!!! *and the crowd goes wild* just kidding, I forgot that there are only like 2 people reading this right now so *and the crowd scrolls down to read more*

Image result for sloth gif from zootopia


So I’ve been given an advanced copy of the first book in a series that is coming out on January 30th, 2018 called


Yeah, I love that title.

ANYWAYS, now I’m going to review it for you!

And I’ve never done a review before, so this will probably be really weird and boring, but then again so am I!

heh heh…heh.


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Things I Hate (i’m so positive guys)


I have returned. *bows* thank you, thank you.

Actually, I posted awhile ago, but I just opened this up today and I realized that the post DIDN’T ACTUALLY post. Cuz WordPress can be a meanie sometimes.


But anywayyyyyyys, I decided to come back with something super fun, and what’s more fun than hatred, right?

Just kidding. Actually, I’m a really positive person irl, but I thought this would be cool to do, since what I’ve discovered is that you learn more about a person by their dislikes rather than their likes. For example, everyone likes Sour Patch Kids (RIGHT?????lol), but not everyone hates…um…turtles.

Especially if they’re giant photoshopped ones from Dubai. Ok, I’ll stop.

Image result for please disney gif

See where I’m going here?

OH ALSO. In case you were wondering where all my Sunday posts have gone (ya know, just in case I’m so marvelous that I’m always on your mind and you think about me 24/7 – cuz I’m sure that’s the case with most of you guys), the answer is simply that my ideas have flown out the window. With the birds. Since it’s like freezing right now and my ideas would rather be in the Bahamas for the winter like them.









See how off-track I get?

What I was trying to say before I went all Thanksgiving-weekend-cabin-fever affects on you was that I’m out of ideas. They’re dead. RIP.

Image result for disney gif dead

btw, I saw Boss Baby the other day, and the ending was so beautiful, I literally laid like this and cried for the next few, like, years. Hey, don’t blame me!!! It was too gorgeous!!!

So if you have any ideas for like a tag or collab or another Sunday post PLEASE let me know cuz mine are already chilling in the Bahamas. Figuratively.


Nah, just kidding – I could probably think of something if I used, like, effort or something. Whatever that means.

BUT ANYWAYS, this opening is taking years so…yeah. Bye (so smooth, Amalee, so smooth)

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Please Don’t Read

tsk tsk. You’re going to regret not heeding my warning.

So just to warn you (again), this post will consist of strange ideas and a funny (to me. idk. ughhhhh. so self-conscious lol.) script mocking an annoying kid’s tv show. So if you’re not into that then, well, I understand.

Related image


So I probably just wasted a bunch of time on something that no one’s going to read, or if they do read it, they will hate and find me weird(er than they already thought I was). But that’s okay, because I had a lot of fun making this! So…


If you want to. *sheepish grin*

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And my amazing creativity for post titles returns!!!!

So basically, today I’ll be talking about whatever is going on in this beautiful, amazing, spangdangulously, wonderlicious life of mine.

So while this may seem super boring (and pretty short cuz, well, I have no life), you should stay and read it because

if you don’t you will DIE!!!

it will hopefully eventually get better if the bloggods chose to be nice to me today.

So yeah! Enjoy!

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I Get That School Is Supposed To Be Weird, But…

Ooh!!!!! The title’s so dramatic!

Image result for im not crazy disney gif


Okay, so anyways. I’m back peoples! I’m sorry that I took so long to post. I mean, I’m late by like


more than 1 day! Sorta. Ish.


Idk. Math has failed me yet again.

So today, I’m going to be talking about school and basically how weird it is. This is because we now have new motivational hallway walking music.







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Top 3

So I got an idea to do this post awhile ago, but I’m just doing it now (like two weeks later) cuz lazy.


So you know that weird rant thingie I went on on Sunday about that orange pole (yes, fine, whatever. I guess it was orange)? Well that was a foreshadowing of this post! I didn’t know it then, but saying it now will make me seem more professional! (I’m such a great blogger, people.)

ÅÑŸWÅŸŠ. Here we go–the top three most embarrassing moments that happen in public to me (and hopefully other people. I can’t be THÅT bad, right? {*rereads sentence* *remebers ĘVĘRŸ ŠÏÑGLĘ first impression made by me* *delete delete delete*}) about every five seconds or maybe just six if I’m lucky.

Alrighty then.

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Street Illusions That I Could Never Draw

So back when I was young and immature and had no life (aka, like 2 days ago), I decided to look up online ‘orange driveways.’

Don’t be so freaked out, people. This is what teenagers do when they have no life.

or maybe just me. idk.

I looked it up, though, because driveways are always so plain, ya know? Driveways are, like, the first thing you see when you drive up to a person’s house, so why can’t it express your personality?

Image result for clapping disney gif


But anywayyys. You know how when you search something and keep on scrolling and scrolling down Google Images, all these weird things that have nothing to do with ‘orange driveways’ start popping up? Like

Image result for weird picture


I mean, what even ÏŠ that? And it’s not even orange, Google. It’s totally…like…

omg, look–it’s a giant, photoshopped, bed-eating sea turtle from Dubai who’seating Shawn Mendes! *runs away as fast as possible* *collapses from exhaustion after, like, 3 seconds* *dies inside*


When you try to prove someone wrong and halfway through that, you figure out that they’re right, so you just say something stupid so they get weirded out and leave you alone.

Image result for story of my life gif


But I also found this photo somehow

Image result for elevator with a shark


in between the thousands of pictures of peoples’ driveways, which inspired me to write this fabulazingly, glunderfully, wonderliciously  (ŠTÕRŸ ÕF MŸ ÑÕÑĒXÏŠTÅÑT LÏFĒ!!!) perfect work of literature that has been passed down by your ancestors for ages and is now held in your lucky hands.

*awkward silence*

ŠÕ. Everyone paint your driveways (just not orange, cuz that’s ugly lol), run from the giant Dubai turtle who is somehow chasing you on land on just its little flippery thingies and is apparently still alive despite its lack of oxygen ( ಠ_ಠ ), and enjoy the blog!

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Construction Fails

So the other day I was sitting on the bus, just minding my own business–ya know, frantically scrolling through each and every picture of Shawn Mendes on Google and staring creepily out the window to see if anyone happily driving by would notice and, like, I dunno, throw a mailbox at me or something–when all of a sudden I saw this

Image result for door fails











I think we all just need like a moment of silence here.


So of course I did the mature thing



…which was to laugh at it and take a million and one pictures to send to friends (yes, I have friends), cuz, like, who wouldn’t. #painfultruth #lolnoit’sprettyfunny

But then I was like

Hey! This could make a pretty funny blog post!

Yeah, I had my own little block quote and everything. So bam. *makes peace sign* *decides that isn’t cool enough, so makes hang ten sign* *changes mind and just gives a thumbs up* *gives up entirely and just puts up all five fingers, cuz why not*

#teenlifechoices #whyaretheresomanyhashtagsinlikethefirst5paragraphs

ÕKÅŸ. So we’re just going to get started before I embarrass myself even more


So make a peace 10 up sign (hey, maybe I can start a new trend! {*looks up how to start a new trend on Google* [*smh* yup, not happening]}), don’t throw mailboxes at innocent kids driving by in school buses, and enjoy the blog!

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